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Here you will find information about upcoming auditions, see our press releases, hear about any castings for shows, and be able to congratulate the winners of any awards.

Beautiful Thing Auditions

A second round of auditions have been arranged for our summer play Beautiful Thing. Workshop auditions for males with a playing age of 16 will be held on Tuesday 6th March, 7.30pm, at PADOS studio theatre.

Rock of Ages

This year PADOS Youth will be supporting Annabelle’s Challenge as part of their Spring production of Rock of Ages. Following on from the success of last year’s partnership with local charity Super Josh we have decided to do the same for Annabelle’s Challenge.

Annabelle’s Challenge is the UK’s leading charity for Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (vascular EDS) working closely with the NHS EDS Diagnostic Service. We promote research and host the annual awareness event REDS4VEDS Day.
At the heart of the charity is Annabelle the inspiration behind our challenge to raise awareness and support for patients and families touched by vascular EDS.
Their primary aim is to reduce the number of children and adults being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by increasing awareness to the public and medical profession.
For more information visit their website 

NODA 2018

Congratulations to all nominees and winners at this January’s National Operatic and Dramatic Association awards evening. Another great year for the Society.

Auditions for BIG Youth parts

Auditions for the youth parts in our Spring musical Big, are happening on 12th of November at 2pm. We are still searching for the characters, Josh and Billy- both great parts. If you’re interested or know someone who might be please join our Facebook group “BIG the Musical : PADOS Theatre Group”. Here you will find the character breakdown and all audition pieces. PADOS are the first amateur theatre group to perform this musical since its release from the professional stage, so don’t miss out on the fantastic opportunity to be part of this show!!!

Panto Read Through- “Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is!”

The read through audition for our annual pantomime, Cinderella is Wednesday 23rd August at PADOS Studio Theatre 7.30pm onwards. Interested Actors will be asked to read sections of the script and put forward preferences for any parts.

Audition Info Mrs M and Cinderella

First Play of the Season- Move Over Mrs Markham

Our first play of the season Move over Mrs Markham will be having a read through and casting evening on 22nd August 2017 at Pados House. All are welcome to attend the meet, where interested attendees will be asked to read sections of the script and express an interest in any of the parts. See below synopsis, a break down for all the characters will be uploaded in the coming days.


Move Over Mrs. Markham is our first production of the season. “Mr and Mrs Markham have only one bedroom in their apartment. Against his better judgement, Mr Markham allows his friend, Mr Lodge, to borrow the bedroom for one evening to engage in a romance with Miss Wilkinson. Against her better judgement, Mrs Markham allows Mrs Lodge to borrow the bedroom for an evening with Walter. Against her better judgement, the maid allows the interior decorator to persuade her to spend an evening with him in the Markham’s bedroom. And oh, yes – it is the same evening!

Prestwich Carnival 2017

We’d like to say a huge thanks to all who helped out with this years Carnival, it was a huge success. We even grabbed photos with our local MP and Mayor!


PADOS in 2017!

Congratulations to all involved in 2016’s final production- the pantomime Aladdin. The show went down well with audiences throughout the week- “Oh no it didn’t!”, Oh yes it did!

But now we’re in the new year what do we have to look forward to? Coming Soon…

Alice the Musical performed by the Junior group at Pados House in February.
Avenue Q, School Edition performed by our Youth group at the Met Theatre, Bury in March.
The Full Monty performed by our Adult group at the Met Theatre, Bury in April.

NODA Nominations & Winners

Congratulations to all our nominees but particular congratulations go to Haley Cheetam who won the Youth award for best Comedy performance.noda-awards

And Then There Were None Reviews

Congratulations to all involved in the play- see below reviews from ACT and North West End

ACT Review
North West End

Full Monty Auditions

The open auditions will be on Sunday 6th November from 2pm, at Pados Studio Theatre. If you wish to consider auditioning our director, Mark Rosenthal has uploaded all the relevant audition pieces and character synopsis on a facebook group. Click here to join and outline which part/parts you wish to be considered for. All up to date details about rehearsals etc. will be posted on there.


Aladdin Read Through and Auditions

Auditions for this years Panto will be held at PADOS Studio Theatre on Wednesday 24th August from 7.30pm onwards. All are welcome and there are plenty of parts available so come and join in.


Ping and Pong– police officers who bring a lot of comedy throughout the show!
Wishee Washee – soppy and gangly, not keen on work but loves his mother and falls for so shi. Good rapport with the audience.
Widow Twankey – traditional dame. Bizarre, comical and energetic with a heart of gold.
Aladdin – principal boy (can be played by a female) with good singing voice. Falls in love with Cha-Ming who also requires a good singing voice.
Cha-Ming – principal girl, the Princess. Quickly falls in love with Aladdin. Good singing voice.
So-shi – ladies maid to cha-Ming. Good singer. Very shy at first but falls for Wishee Washees charms.
Emperor – solid character speaking part. Commanding but a ‘softie’ at heart.
Abanazar – melodramatic, traditional panto villain.
Slave – male/female part. Good character role.
Genie – male/female part. Over the top, comical part. Good singing voice.

There is also the chorus who appear in a lot of scenes and dancers.
If you haven’t been part of panto before, it’s a wonderful time and lots and lots of fun!

Gotta Swing Reviews

See below current adjudications for Gotta Swing 2016

GMDF and ACT Award ceremonies

PADOS scooped several awards at both the Greater Manchester Drama Federation (GMDF) Awards and the Association of Community Theatre (ACT) Awards. Below are a list of the awards we were presented with.

It’s fantastic to receive recognition for all the hard work that the society have put in over the last twelve months, and even more rewarding that each of our groups were recognised,  junior, youth and adult.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved!


Angela Grady – Best Actress in a Musical (I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change)
David Livesey– Best Actor in a Musical (I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change)
Mark Rosenthal– Best Director of a Musical (I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change)
I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change– Best Show (Musical)
The Steamie– Best show (Play)

The Steamie– Adjudicators choice- Best Overall Production 2016


Hannah Kent– Most Accomplished female in a Pantomime
Daniel, a hard act to swallow– Certificate of Excellence – PADOS Junior Group
Helen Wilkinson– Adjudicators Award for Creative Mentoring for PADOS youth.

Open Day at Prestwich Carnival Parade

A huge thank you to all the helpers carrying out their various roles to contribute to a very successful open day. The theatre looked great and we received lots of very positive responses.  Roles such as setting up, lighting, sound, singing, tea serving, welcoming and flyering were all carried out with the usual PADOS enthusiasm, so thank you.

Open day 26


Somewhat delayed, but congratulations to all of the PADOS performers who received recent GMDF nominations. See below all the successful members.

GMDF nominations


David Livesey in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” for Best Comedy Performance.

 *** AND THEN THERE WERE NONE, read through***

The read through for the October play will take place on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th of May at PADOS Studio Theatre at 7.30pm. The director and production committee will be in attendance to listen to sections of the play. If you are interested in being part of this classic murder mystery, please take a look at the character outlines below and we look forward to seeing you there.


Judge Lawrence Wargrave – A recently retired judge. Wargrave is a highly intelligent old man with a commanding personality. His experience and air of authority make him a natural leader for the group.

Vera Claythorne – (25) Kind and somewhat naive she is a former governess who comes to the island to serve as a secretary to Mrs. Owen.
Philip Lombard – (34) A mysterious, confident, and resourceful man who seems to be far bolder and more cunning than most of the other characters.
Dr. Edward George Armstrong – (44) A gullible, slightly timid doctor. He is a recovering alcoholic and has a weak personality.
William Henry Blore – (Middle aged) A former police inspector. Blore is a well-built man whose experience often inspires others to look to him for advice. On the island, he acts boldly and frequently takes initiative, but this often verges on foolhardiness.
Emily Brent – An old, ruthlessly religious woman who reads her Bible every day. Unlike the other characters, Emily Brent feels convinced of her own righteousness and does not express the slightest remorse for her actions.
Thomas Rogers – The dignified butler. Rogers is a competent, middle-aged manservant. Quick and deft, specious and shifty.
Ethel Rogers – Rogers’ wife. A frail, frightened, worried-looking woman.
General MacKenzie – An upright, soldierly old man with a gentle, tired face.
Anthony Marston – (23) A rich, athletic, handsome youth. Tony Marston likes to drive recklessly and seems to lack a conscience.
Fred Narracott – A local man who assists with preparations at the beginning of the play.

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!

Huge congratulations to the cast and production team on this modern, musical comedy. Somewhat different from the usual shows you see on the amateur circuit but equally as entertaining. We had some great feed back from audiences and adjudicators throughout the week, so well done!

Below is the review by North WestEnd who watched the opening night- 22.04.16