Director                              Mark Rosenthal

Choreographer                 Helen Wilkinson

Musical Director                Matt Corrigan

​Auditions       Sunday 8th September

Principal Auditions 10am to 12:30pm  (character  details below)

Principals + Chorus Circus skills workshop:  1pm to 3:30pm


Rehearsals at PADOS Studio Theatre

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm 


Technical, Dress and Performance Dates

April 2020 


Cast Roles and Audition Pieces

See the  score here for details of all the Audition songs.

Principal Auditions will be held at PADOS Studio Theatre, St. Marys Road, Prestwich, M25 1AQ.

All chorus and principals will be expected to learn a circus skill.  

The afternoon circus skills workshop will be held at Skylight Circus Arts, Sparrow Hill, Rochdale, OL16 1QT.


Phineas Taylor Barnum: Male, 25-50

Baritone, legendary showman who created "The Greatest Show on Earth", charming, idealistic dreamer who tends to exaggerate, ability to tap dance, juggle four balls, walk a tightrope, and perform basic acrobatics are a bonus.

Audition Pieces: Dialogue 1 & Dialogue 2 and the songs "Museum song" and "The colours of my life"

Charity Barnum: Female, 30-50

Mezzo, practical minded, women's suffragist, grounded in reality with a strong disposition but with a sweet teasing sense of humour, not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get down to work, ability to juggle four balls is a bonus (but not required).

Audition PIeces:  Dialogue 1 & Dialogue 2 and the songs "The colours of my life" and "One brick at a time"

Jenny Lind: Female, 30

Coloratura soprano, known as the Swedish nightingale (even sings/speaks in Swedish), beautiful and flirtatious, underneath her pretty demeanour is a strong willed woman who manipulates the people around her to get what she wants.

Audition Pieces: Dialogue 1 and the song "Love makes such fools of us all"

Joyce Heth / Blues Singer : Female, 25+

Blues singer, plays 30-160 years old, alto belt, African American character actress/singer who moves well, ability to play piano a plus but is not required.  Joyce Heth is the worlds oldest woman.

Audition Pieces: Dialogue 1 and the songs "Thank God I'm old" and "Black and White"

Ringmaster/Bailey/Julius Goldschmidt: Male, 20-40

Baritone, singer who has various variety act abilities (juggling, unicycle, and stilt walking, basic acrobatics).

Audition Pieces: Dialogue 1 and the song "Join the Circus"

General Tom Thumb: Male, 18-25

Tenor, acrobatic athletic dancer with a small physical frame.

Audition Pieces: The song "Bigger isn't better"