Director                              Mark Rosenthal

​Auditions       Sunday 12th September

Auditions from 2pm - individual time to be advised

Details of Lib  and Song Audition pieces will be emailed to you after registration 

Rehearsals at PADOS Studio Theatre

Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm 

Based on the play & Motion Picture Calendar Girls  by Gary Barlow & Tim Firth

Published by Concord Theatricals Ltd.

Technical, Dress and Performance Dates

April 2021 

Cast Roles and Audition Pieces

The death of a much-loved husband prompts a group of ordinary women in a small Yorkshire Women's Institute to do an extraordinary thing.

Auditions will be held at PADOS Studio Theatre, St. Marys Road, Prestwich, M25 1AQ.

PADOS is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and we welcome applications from all members of the community.  We particularly encourage applications from people who are currently under-represented within our Society. 

Chris, 50s

You want Chris at your party. She will talk to people she doesn’t know, find things to say to fill silences and generate laughter. Part of this is because Chris is at home in crowds, holding court, being the centre of attention. Chris and Annie together are like naughty schoolgirls.

Song audition:  Sunflower Bar 25 - End.           Range:  F3 - E5flat

Lib audition: Pages 19 – 20, 53 – 54, 95 - 96

Annie, 50s

Annie will join in mischief but is at heart more conformist and less confrontational than Chris. After Chris has put a waiter’s back up in the restaurant, Annie will go in and pour calm. She has enough edge to be interesting and enough salt not to be too sweet.

Song Audition:  Kilimanjaro Bar 21 - End.          Range:  G3 - E5

Lib Audition: Pages 19 – 21, 88 - 90

Cora, late 30s, early 40s

Cora went to college and soon came back pregnant. She has too much native resilience to be downtrodden. The joker in the pack, she never plays the fool. Her wit is deadpan. It raises laughter in others but rarely in herself. Her relationship with her son is more akin to that between Chris and Annie.

Song Audition:  Who wants a Silent Night?  Bars 1-33                  Range:  F3 - D5

Lib Audition: Pages 24 – 25, 38 - 39

Jessie, 70s-80s

Get on the right side of Jessie as a teacher and she’ll be the teacher you remember for life. Get on the wrong side and you will regret every waking hour. A lover of life, Jessie doesn’t bother with cosmetics – her elixir of life is bravery. Her husband has been with her a long time and is rarely surprised by her actions.

Song audition:  What Age Expects - Whole Song                         Range:  E3Flat - B4Flat


Lib audition: Pages 81 - 83

Celia, 50s

The fact that Celia is in the WI is the greatest justification of its existence. She always feels like she has drifted in from another world. Which she has. Ex air hostess and life liver, there is a rebelliousness in Celia which sets her apart from the vapid materialism of her husband’s golfing peer group and made her defect.

Song audition:  So I've had a Little Work Done - Whole Song        Range:  E3 - D6


Lib audition: Pages 39 - 40

Ruth, 40s-50s

Ruth’s journey is from the false self-confidence of the emotionally abused to the genuine self-confidence of the woman happy in her own skin. Ruth is eager to please but not a rag doll and despite being Marie’s right-hand woman she is desperate to be the cartilage in the spine of the WI and keep everyone happy. She has spine herself.

Song audition:  My Russian Friend & I - Whole Song                      Range:  G3 - D5


Lib audition: Pages 8 - 10

Marie, late 40s, early 50s

Marie has gradually built the current ‘Marie’ around herself over the years as a defence mechanism. She went to her Oz (Cheshire) – and found ‘Oz’ didn’t want her. She came back scorched. The WI is a trophy to her, which justifies her entire existence.

Song audition: See notes section below

Lib audition: Pages 83 - 86

John, 50s

John is a human sunflower. Not a saint. Not a hero. Just the kind of man you want in your car when crossing America. When he dies it feels like someone somewhere turned a light off.

Song audition:  Yorkshire  Bar39 - 61                                              Range:  A2 - F4


Lib audition: Pages 20 – 21, 47

Rod, 50s

You have to be a certain kind of guy to stick with Chris. He gives back what he gets and has a deadpan humour which has always made Chris laugh. He drinks a lot but never so much as to have a problem. He would work every hour to make his shop a success. And John was his mate.

Song audition:  Christine Butler - Whole Song                                Range:  B2 - C4


Lib audition: Pages 33 - 34

Lawrence, late 20s, early 30s

Hesitant without being nerdy, Lawrence is a shy young man with enough wit to make a joke and enough spirit to turn up at the WI hall in the first place. When he arranges the shots, he sees only the photo.

Song audition: See notes section below

Lib audition: Pages 72 - 73

Colin, 70s-80s

Jessie’s husband and as rebellious and compliant as that would suggest.

Song audition:  Girls  Bar 1 - 8, 24 - End                                          Range:  F2Sharp - D4

Denis, 50s

Celia’s husband. Working class lad done well and now captain of the golf club. Met her on a flight.

Song audition:  Girls Bar 8-21                                                          Range:  B2Flat - D4

Danny, 16

Song audition:  Girls/Hello Yorkshire, I'm a Virgin Bar 16 to End      Range:  C3 - F4


Lib audition: Pages 51 - 53

Jenny, 16

Song audition:  Protect me Less  Bar 3-43                                     Range:  A3 - C5


Lib audition: Pages 51 - 52

Tommo, 16

Song audition:  Girls/Hello Yorkshire, I'm a Virgin Bar 1 - 15              Range:  B2Flat - F4

Lib audition: Pages 23 - 25


Other available small parts:


Two sisters who are part of the fabric of the village and the manual labour backbone of the WI but say nothing except their drink offering. Until the end.


Speaker at WI.


The local dignitary who gives the award at the local fete.

CHORUS (APPROX 5) – Any age



If anyone would like to audition any of the above smaller parts or that of Marie, Lawrence or Chorus, could you please prepare a song (ballad) – 32 bars or 1 minute in length.

*Please be aware that the cast album (UK tour) is fundamentally different to what is now in the score. The running order of the show has changed and song(s) have been renamed or replaced.

There are also many lyric changes from what you will hear on the album. Please use it only as a guide and not to learn from.

If anyone wants to ask any questions about the lib or query anything to do with the music audition pieces, please do not hesitate to contact Mark Rosenthal (Director) on

07769 937008 or Nick Sanders (Musical Director) on 07712 708543