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Current Committee

See who is helping to steer our society to success.


Carol Halstead


To preside over meetings and provide leadership and direction to the members. Our chair is responsible for ensuring that PADOS operates effectively and efficiently, and that the objectives and goals of the society are achieved.


Rob Livesey


Manages the financial aspects and resources of the group. Our treasurer is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records, overseeing budgeting and financial planning, and ensuring the organization's financial stability.


Claire Heywood


Handles administrative tasks, maintaining records, and facilitating communication within the group. Our secretary is responsible for ensuring smooth operations and supporting effective decision-making processes.

Production Secretary

Carol Halstead


Responsible for providing administrative support and coordination during our many productions. Our production secretary manages paperwork, scheduling, and assists with various production-related tasks.

Youth & Juniors

Helen Wilkinson


Oversees and manages the activities and operations of a youth and junior theatre programme. Also responsible for creating a positive and engaging environment for young participants to learn and grow in various aspects of performing arts.

Marketing & Publicity

Jessica McEvoy


Responsible for developing and implementing effective marketing and publicity strategies to promote and raise awareness of PADOS and the productions we showcase to audiences.


Ben Forrest


Responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating social events and activities for PADOS to create enjoyable and memorable experiences for our members and participants.

General Committee Members

Suzi Cleary

Louise Livesey

Chris Livesey

Jacqui Rowland

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