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Terms and Conditions

for Youth and Junior groups


These are to be paid in advance of the course dates to secure your child’s place in the group.

Cancellation Policy

If, for any reason, your child no longer requires a place in our group we offer the following cancellation policy:
If cancelled within first two weeks of our course a full refund will be given. If cancelled after the first two weeks no refund will be given.


It is imperative your child attends all rehearsals promptly and ready for work to make sure they get the full benefit of the course. If you are aware that they are unable to make a rehearsal, please inform a tutor at the earliest possible opportunity. However, in the case of shows and performances, all dates during the week of the show are mandatory including all technical and dress rehearsals with no exceptions.


It is essential they wear appropriate clothing, including their show t-shirt*, for rehearsals. Dance shoes or trainers are acceptable and, to ensure there are no movement restrictions, loose clothing is best.
*Pados/Show t-shirts are required for our ‘Show course’. Pados t-shirts are optional for workshop courses and can be purchased online for £10 (child size) and £12 (adult size)


We expect a high level of discipline in our junior and youth groups. If we feel any junior/youth group member is being disrespectful to any of our tutors, production team or one of their colleagues, then parents/guardians will be contacted and the child will be dismissed from the course without refund.


Parents have the responsibility to collect (or arrange collection of) their children after rehearsals or performances. Tutors of each course should be informed of alternative arrangements where pick up is not necessary ie. walking home, public transport etc.


Photographs and videos are often taken during rehearsals and performances for the use of publicity, social media, the PADOS website and archiving performances. If you are unhappy with this, then please let a member of the team know when booking your child onto the course.

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