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Junior Theatre

Workshops and productions designed for 7-11 years old.

PADOS Junior Theatre is a community that passionately nurtures young talents in the performing arts. We provide children with incredible opportunities to explore creativity and develop skills. Through workshops, rehearsals, and performances, participants can express themselves and share the magic of theatre with others, igniting a lifelong love for the arts.

We invite you to explore our previous productions. Each one has served as a testament to our commitment to nurturing and honing the skills of our talented members.

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Our latest show

Frozen Jr

Set in Arendelle we follow the tale of Elsa and her magical ice powers which accidentally trigger an eternal winter, prompting Anna to embark on a journey with friends to find her and mend their bond. 

Disney's Frozen JR is presented through special arrangement with & all authorised materials are supplied by Music Theatre International, New York, NY, 212-541-4684.

About our workshops

Develop skills within performance that act as a great foundation for future careers.

Make new friends and meet like-minded people that share your passions.

Take part in performances throughout the year, including our end of year show.

Increase confidence and develop important social skills through workshop collaboration

What our participants are saying

"PADOS is my favourite place! The cast, crew & friends are incredibly amazing. I look forward to rehearsal every week. My confidence has grown in all aspects and I'm so lucky to be part of this community"


Junior Wait list

Want to get involved?

Our courses run from September to March each year and we also offer workshops during the summer.

To be involved in upcoming opportunities, join our waitlist by filling in the form below. We will be in contact and keep you updated when the registration period is open.

Thanks for joining our waiting list. We will be in touch soon

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